Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Starting From Scratch

Remember the "Big Three" of SoCon Football? Perennial powerhouses Appalachian State and Georgia Southern were probably the first to come to mind. Completing that trio were the Terriers, modest yet persistent in their climb from "just another school" to a SoCon authority.

Well, now that the SoCon is getting all shaken up with membership changes, it only seemed fitting that there would be some kind of change at the top of the standings. It would have been easy to think that, with Appalachian State and Georgia Southern departing, Wofford would have been left alone at the top, able to fend off the opponents that had fallen behind in the past.

However, last season saw the Terriers fade into the background with a seldom-seen losing season, and, instead, the likes of Samford, Furman, and Chattanooga took center stage. Now, it's not like these teams haven't had recent success(by this, I mean pre-2013); Samford spoiled our outright SoCon Championship bid in 2012, which we had to fight for against Chattanooga, who themselves weren't completely out of the title question. Furman is no exception; it's a neck-and-neck match season after season. They just haven't been able to break past "the wall" set up by the former "Big Three".

Obviously, that's changed. While Wofford dealt with some struggles last season, and couldn't get our offensive rhythm going, the revised "Big Three" of the (Samford) Bulldogs, Paladins, and Mocs were staking their claims and taking advantage of the transitional SoCon of 2013.

This is our season to come out swinging. Whenever an opportunity comes along, take advantage of it. Don't take any gain for granted. With a strong performance this season, the Terriers can stake their own claim at the top, and begin restoring their position and reputation as not just a SoCon power, but an all-around FCS influence.

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