Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bulldogs End Wofford's Season

Alec Paradowski leads off for the Terriers in the first inning.
A sloppy outing late in the game contributed to a 12-3 loss to the Samford Bulldogs, which effectively ended the Terriers' season.

The Terriers struck first with a Seth Neely's solo homer in the bottom of the third, but the Bulldogs quickly tied it in the next frame and added two more runs in the fifth.

Wofford cut the deficit to 3-2 in the bottom of the sixth with Clancey's sacrifice fly that scored Hyman, but Samford's seventh inning proved to doom the Terriers.

That inning saw four Terrier pitchers, including Leftwich, Eck, Condra-Bogan, and Foltyn, the first two of which recorded notable relief outings last night vs. Davidson. The Bulldogs recorded eight runs in the frame.

The Terriers put up a run in the bottom half of the seventh, but it proved far too little to counteract the Bulldogs' twelve runs.

Head coach Interdonato's thoughts on the loss?
“I thought we came out and gave it a look. We were definitely putting some pressure on them early and had our chances but weren’t able to get the momentum on our side. Samford has been able to do that against us in the two games in this tournament. It seems like we’ve always been behind the 8-ball with those guys, where in the other two games, we were able to get out front and continue to put pressure. Staying behind those guys is tough because they are so well-coached and play such good baseball. We certainly gave ourselves a chance early on.”
This season, however, was not completed in vain.

Wofford finished the season 32-28, far better than last season's 20-36 mark and the 22-32 record put up in 2012. In fact, it was one of the best records ever put up by a Terrier baseball squad.

We've made some great strides on both our offense and defense, and shown we can hang with the top teams in the conference.

For the seniors who played their final game as a Terrier today, Interdonato made this statement:
“You hate seeing those guys leave, but no regrets with those guys for me. These kids put together the best season in the 125-year history of this program. So, you won’t say anything other than the fact that those guys are now the senior class that did what everyone was hoping this program was able to do, and they can hang their hats on that. The best part about it is if we’re able to continue to build on that, those guys will be able to say they changed it.”
Hopefully, the Terriers will continue to improve and make the most of what has come their way.

For now, however, we will take the time to look back on this season's achievements with pride and focus on what's ahead.

This season, especially the latter half of it, was a memorable one, and definitely one that makes you proud to be a Terrier.

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