Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Changing Face of the SoCon

As I worked on these "color bars" for each SEC and SoCon team(football-playing team in 2014, that is), I couldn't help but think that the SoCon seems a little empty.

No, it's not necessarily that the two "powerhouses" in Georgia Southern and Appalachian State are gone. In fact, in the past year teams like Chattanooga and Samford have earned a powerhouse reputation. Although we're gaining some new faces in VMI, Mercer, and ETSU(Mike Ayers' first head coaching job), the SoCon just doesn't feel the same as it did back in those days of, well, let's go with the first decade of the new millennium. 
I mean, don't you miss SoCon Saturday? Sure, we have a good package airing on ESPN3, but this was actually on TV
Personally, I thought that the Terriers would do well in this new SoCon.  I mean, they were part of the "big three" with App. State and GSU, so, by process of elimination, Wofford should be on top.  But after seeing their performance in 2013, it's clear that times are changing: the loss of GSU/APP just left the door open for any SoCon team.

Maybe Wofford should get a helmet decal.

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