Friday, March 21, 2014

A Few Thoughts on Wofford/Michigan

Well, a new day has dawned and the Terriers' season is over.  But I'm not upset.  I'm proud of how the Terriers played through the season; how they claimed their third SoCon title (albeit avoiding Davidson) and tourney bid.  Proud of how they came out swinging against the Wolverines. After all, we were the smallest school in the tournament.

Why can't you fall?

In the first half, the Terriers missed some easy shots, and it is well worth noting that they made zero three pointers in the first half.  Yes. Zero.  "Well, they must have hit a bunch in the second half, right?"  Wrong.  The Terriers hit a grand total of one three pointer, but, man, it was an exciting shot by Karl Cochran when the game still seemed in reach for a massive comeback.

Two vs Fifteen

Again, this was a fifteen seed/two seed game.  Upsets in these do happen, but they're pretty rare.  Wofford had a legitimate chance, but once Michigan got going on offense, they were tough to slow down and the Terriers found it hard to bounce back. (Harken back to the above section.)

Well-Needed Exposure

Wofford's bid caused some recognition as a whole for the college and program, and this game on national TV (CBS) only benefited this.

All in all, I couldn't be prouder of my Terriers.

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