Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Tribute to the 2008 Wofford Football Media Guide

Save for the information unique to the previous season, the general information in media guides don't vary that much from year to year. So what's so special about that book, you ask?

I learned nearly everything I know about the Terriers from the 2008 Media Guide.  Shipped straight from Spartanburg, this publication is how I discovered Wofford and grew to love it, nearly 600 miles away. One learns to appreciate all the little accidental misspellings (I didn't think that the alma mater would include "Coinquer and Prevail") and especially the amazing "Wofford Football A-Z", where you learn about how the Terriers got their name (disputedly, perhaps) or how "Wofford Gold" came about (a mismixing of dye).

It was here where I learned about not only the football program's history, but also the history of Wofford College itself.  Team records, playoff history, Terrier greats....There's more Wofford info packed into this book that arrived about six years ago than I could ever ask for.

Note: The 2008 Media Guide was one of the last (but not the last) to be produced in printed form, as the athletic department began to shift to electronic-based media guides shortly after.

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