Friday, June 20, 2014

Giving It Another Look: Chattanooga

It's time to take another look at Wofford's 2014 football schedule, which we will continue with Chattanooga. You can read our new non-conference preview here and earlier previews here.

It just wouldn’t be right for this not to be a major game on the Terriers’ schedule. In fact, in 2011 and 2012, Wofford clinched playoff bids in late-season, feverish meetings with the Mocs. Last season, the Terriers fell behind early and couldn't get anything going later, falling 20-10.

The Mocs split a SoCon title with Furman and Samford, but failed to reach the postseason after dropping a heartbreaker in overtime to Samford.

Chattanooga has become a part of the new "Big Three" of the SoCon, and look to be likely the toughest roadblock for the Terriers this season.

Although the records seem to state otherwise, Wofford can easily hang tough with the teams at the top of the conference. That stated, this game looks to be a case of "who wants it more." Yes, the Terriers have a realistic shot, a very realistic shot in fact, of coming into Finley Stadium with the confidence and execution to win a football game. And, yes, the Mocs will be looking to improve on last season's SoCon success and continue to avenge past losses to Wofford.

The Terriers will need to play almost perfectly to secure their chance, one that will be dependent on an efficient combination of pass and rush, rock-solid defense, and, most importantly, smart play. Additionally, when you get opportunities, you need to capitalize on them; likewise, when you make mistakes, do everything in your power to not only bar the Mocs from capitalizing, but to make sure that the same mistakes will not occur in the future.

Again, every game on the schedule is important. I won't go so far to say that this is a "life-or-death"-type of situation. If that were the case, we would be in great danger of dying. Instead, this will be a closely matched contest, in which the victor will be greatly benefited. Who makes the mistakes, and who takes advantage of them will play a large role in this game. It could essentially go either way;it seems that whoever plays better defense and plays the smartest will leave the stadium with a victory. Right now, that might just be the Mocs, but like anything, it can (and most likely will) change, and it could go either way.

Early Pick: Chattanooga 17, Wofford 14 (possibly in overtime)

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