Thursday, June 26, 2014

Giving It Another Look: Furman

It's time to take another look at Wofford's 2014 football schedule, which we will continue with Furman. You can read our new non-conference preview here and earlier previews here.

We've come across yet another member of the group that shared the SoCon title last season, and, yes, it's a tough one.

The Furman Paladins have shared a classic rivalry with the Terriers in recent years, but unlike past seasons, the Paladins broke free from the "middle of the pack" to take hold of a playoff spot in this transitional SoCon. The only problem? They weren't the only ones to break free from the pack. They were joined by Chattanooga and Samford, but bested the latter 35-17 to earn a postseason bid.

Now, Wofford found itself in the middle of the pack. Those years of "scratching and clawing" our way to the top of the ranks with the likes of Georgia Southern and Appalachian State were seemingly done away with in 2013's changing field.

Last year, the Terriers entered Paladin Stadium somewhat dejectedly. A week earlier, any hopes for a postseason claim were dashed with a 33-21 defeat at the hands of Appalachian State (which, also effectively curbed a chance at sending away all three departing members with losses, as we had already defeated Georgia Southern and Elon). Our offense seemed to shut down in the second half as we dropped our season finale, 27-14 to the Paladins.

The rivalry's recent history is a bit rocky, though. Yes, the Terriers eked out a three-point victory over the Paladins in 2012 to stay undefeated, but that was a "revenge game", you might say, as Furman took a 26-21 decision the year before.

Although the outlook may not be pretty, I actually see this game as one the Terriers can win, that is, if we can stay afloat (be without too many injuries and play smart). It's going to be very close, just like the Chattanooga game, but I believe that they can pull this one out.

Early Pick: Wofford 28, Furman 27

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