Sunday, October 19, 2014

Win against Samford crucial, gutsy, and solid

Yesterday afternoon, the Terriers were gifted with the addition of a player on offense. No wait, he looked familiar. He was wearing #99. Isn't that star defensive end Tarek Odom? On offense?

Yes, the senior from St. Augustine, Fla., came into yesterday's contest with the Samford Bulldogs in Birmingham, Ala., in the halfback spot of Wofford's old-style wishbone offense, a system that proved to be quite efficient in the Terriers' win, especially later in the game, when Wofford began to ultimately pull away from the Bulldogs, who always like to keep it close when the Terriers are in town.

Odom threw some key blocks, an element of offensive play that the senior feels quite at home with, and helped Lorenzo Long earn some open field to traverse, en route to becoming the game's leading rusher.

On that account, Long has made some obvious adjustments and improvements; still, though, his teammates encouraged him not to lose control of the football again, a trouble that has plagued on one of the conference's best rushing powers. It's that kind of thing that can be absolutely frustrating for a player as good as Long, especially after an early-season burst of power and confidence.

He's looking to earn back that confidence and consistency; Long is well on his way to cementing his spot and role as a staple of this Terrier offense.

With Evan Jacks' absence due to an injury sustained on the final offensive snap last weekend against Western Carolina, Michael Weimer stepped up for Wofford.

The Chapin, S.C., native went 7-for-13 on his passes, throwing for 67 yards and both a touchdown (to tight end Zach Muller) and an interception.

Altogether for the Terrier rushing corps, it was an off day, as Lorenzo Long was the only player to break 100 yards on the ground, and the next-highest amount was a mere 25 yards.from Weimer.

However, a gutsy, tough win is nothing to be ashamed of, and Terrier Nation should be extremely proud of this team and their respective efforts.

Just look at the defense and their continued tendency to come up with huge stops; look at Zach Muller, who had a solid night from his tight end spot; look again at Long, who dominating the rushing game for the Terriers; look at this entire team which has pulled together, despite major adversity and tough losses, both on the roster and in games played on the field, and scratched and clawed their way to a major road SoCon victory.

That, my friends, is what being a Terrier, a short-haired dog, is all about.

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