Sunday, October 5, 2014

Terriers' efforts are finally culminating into quality wins

Wofford put four footballs on the ground yesterday afternoon, and lost three of them. Thankful streaks of momentum were killed in an instant; in the end, The Citadel only needed three yards to win, and had four plays to get it.

But they didn't.

The Terriers, behind the sensational showing of sophomore quarterback Evan Jacks, who reached his first 100 yard rushing game, and first Division I victory as a starter.

Much needed assistance, though, came from the defense.
The Terriers were the victors in this
heated 17-13 battle.
Via Wofford Athletics Facebook 

Wofford's defense is what made sure that lost momentum didn't bring any of The Citadel's endeavors to fruition.

Yes, the young defensive front is what sealed that final stop; what helped give the Terriers their sixteenth-straight win over the Charleston, S.C.-based military college.

Everyone brought something to the table.

Terrance Morris, the redshirt freshman
linebacker from Chester, S.C., recorded a huge sack that aided the Terriers' want to get the football back quickly after giving the Bulldogs a late chance.

Drake Michaelson led the group in tackles, with nine; Jaleel Green logged eight tackles, two for loss, while Cole Higbie and the aforementioned Morris both made seven.

Again, that was what secured the Terriers' chances at atonement following the turnovers. What about those turnovers, you ask?

Don't think about it.

"Get it out of your head," Wofford offensive line coach Eric Nash told Lorenzo Long after a stinging lost fumble inside The Citadel's 5-yard line, according to sideline reporter Van Hipp. "We're going to need you."

All in all, a win is a win; this was just an extra-exciting one.

The payoff?

Knowing that Lee Hanning would be proud of such a victory. Coach, this win's for you.

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