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Position Profile: QB

Michael Weimer, one of the Terriers' QB options for 2014.
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To be a quarterback at Wofford, just like any other position, you have to sacrifice a great deal.

To be a great quarterback at Wofford, though, you have to run the option smoothly, exercise tremendous judgment and ball security, and take an immense amount of punishment from the defense, all in the name of success.

You don't have to go back ages to find a player who's obviously exemplifying those traits. Mitch Allen, who in his four-year career amassed over 2,500 rushing yards, and over 2,300 through the air, was a prime example of a Terrier QB, one that was often noted for his fearlessness as he brilliantly executed the option.

It seemed to be a four-way tossup at the Terriers' QB position earlier this year. Last year's starters Michael Weimer and Evan Jacks contributed to a race also contested by redshirt freshmen Brandon Goodson and Brad Butler.

Let's take a closer look at the quarterbacks:

Of those that played last season, junior Michael Weimer led the way with a team-high 313 yards, and four passing touchdowns. The Chapin native averaged just below 35 yards a game, and additionally gained 223 yards on the ground.

Evan Jacks, a sophomore out of Johns Creek, Ga., gained just below 300 yards rushing, and passed for 252 yards, averaging 31.5 yards per game. Both he and Weimer were picked off three times, but Jacks completed over 47% of his passes, compared to Weimer's 40%.

This veteran duo is joined by three redshirt freshmen, Brandon Goodson of Dacula, Ga., Brad Butler of Rome, Ga., and Asheville, N.C.'s David Howerton.

Goodson passed for over 1,200 yards in his senior year, and received honors in his county in both football and basketball.

While passing for nearly 4,700 yards, Brad Butler added another 2,000 on the ground to help earn him all-region honors, along with others.

Howerton garnered all-conference honors in two seasons as a starter at Asheville High School, where he passed for over 1,200 yards for the Cougars.

So, from this you can tell that we have some options, but, ironically, that's not always what you need in an option offense. At least that's what ex-Wofford quarterback Brian Kass thinks

The latest word from offensive coordinator Wade Lang seemed to indicate that the two redshirt freshmen, Butler and Goodson, due to a great spring outing, were put ahead of Weimer and Jacks, respectively.

This season, though, looks to possibly be another of quarterback swapping. That is, we may see different starters game by game, and some switching out during games, especially if the team is not performing up to par, which was the case last season.

Judging by their spring performances, it is agreeable that Butler is the right decision, so far, to be a starter. If we needed a quick backup, which we most likely will, I think that Weimer would be a good choice.

Depending on how the Terriers do in the grand scheme of this season, we might see all four of the quarterbacks play, or in the most drastic of situations, five quarterbacks (We still have Howerton, right?)

Right now, though, we can leave it to the Terrier coaching staff to make the right decisions for this season, and with these QB options, it looks to be an exciting one.

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